​K2 synthetic marijuana has become on of the most common household herbs that get you high in the United States and other countries as well. There are at least eleven states that have already banned some of the key ingredients of these herbal blends and there are many more pending.  The demand for these products continues to grow and they have become more easy to purchase via internet providers, head shops, and various other retailers.

There are many new products that have been sold as herbal incense blends that have been marked, “not for human consumption” and users continue to smoke the herbs.  Some of the newer blends like K2 have their ingredients listed on the labels. One of the key ingredients in the new blends of K2 is Damiana, which is a plant grown in Central America, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. These countries consider this plant to be an aphrodisiac.

Before you go out to spend a load of money on products that you don’t know will be effective or not, make sure that the blend will actually get you lifted.If you really want to get a good idea of what blends have the best flavors and effects, try a few brand names that have a good reputation. I found my favorite blend K3 at a smoke shop near my home that stopped selling K2 some time back. I was able to grab a three gram bag of this stuff for only $25 which is pretty cheap if you ask me.

We all know that there have been some new brands to hit the market that make the initial herbal smoke blends look like grass from a football field. If you’re looking for some potent herbal smoke blends that are still legal, check out Space Cadet herbal incense blends. These herbal smoke products are certainly high quality and made in a laboratory and not a basement like some of the knock offs. This stuff really got me and my friends lifted without all of the nasty side effects. These blends have grown to become the household herbs that get you high of 2011 so far. The aroma of this unique blend is unlike any other blend that I’ve tasted and really is a “Flight Risk” if you ask me. Make sure that you use these incense blends in moderation to avoid any unwanted side effects. Enjoy!